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These days, Crimmins regularly tweets at the Pope, asking to be excommunicated.

These days, Crimmins regularly tweets at the Pope, asking to be excommunicated. The centrality of comedy to American cultural and intellectual life--from "The Daily Show" to "Louis" to "WTF" to "Inside Amy Schumer" and beyond--has everything to do with the fearlessness of its best practitioners. Last week, the Friars Club hosted a screening of "Call Me Lucky," a documentary that comes out tomorrow, about the brilliant comedian Barry Crimmins, a cornerstone of the truth-teller comedy tradition who helped launch the Boston standup scene in the eighties, became its instigator and its conscience, and then, in the nineties, made a surprising and personal revelation onstage that changed the course of his life. The film is funny, shocking, and deeply moving; it was a big hit at Sundance, and it deserves to be seen. Before the screening, in the red-carpeted hallway between the Milton Berle Room and the bar, the movie's director, Bobcat Goldthwait, watched photographers take pictures of Crimmins, and he smiled.

Goldthwait, the veteran comedy writer and director (and a regular on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me"), is an old friend of Crimmins's. He is popularly remembered for his eighties incarnation as a squeaky-voiced nut--his wild-eyed, long-haired standup, the hapless Zed in the "Police Academy" movies--whose scared, weird way of talking was the sound of familiar human fears. Onstage, he would warble a terrified question--"Gosh, how come there have been so many airplane crashes lately?"--and then growl out a politically incisive answer. He expressed both an existential crouch and a howl of reason, an appealing position in that era. In junior high, I was in awe of his Bono impression, which I first saw on the MTV Video Music Awards: he slicked his hair back, threw his arms above his head, sang the "My hands are tied" bit from "With or Without You," and made us see ridiculousness that we hadn't yet articulated. His playfulness and observational acuity are on display in "Call Me Lucky."

Before the movie began, Goldthwait, who has a shaved head these days and wears glasses and a hat, stood at a lectern in front of the room. "Hello, everybody!" he said. The room was quiet. "Tough crowd," he said. "This is a movie about comedians, made by comedians. That means it's out of focus." People laughed. "No, I'll get serious. It is a heavy subject, but there are comedic elements to it. " He told the audience that, years ago, he had considered having his best friend, Robin Williams, play Crimmins; Williams was an early supporter of the project, and the movie is dedicated to him. Goldthwait said he'd see everyone at the Q. & A. afterward, and left through a pair of tall, arched wooden doors, shutting out the light. "Now we're going to lock you in," he said.

"Call Me Lucky" begins with a characteristic shot of Crimmins. It's a gray day in 1990, and he's at a Persian Gulf-related peace rally in Boston Common, curly-haired, rumpled, heavy-lidded, shaggy, and yelling about Henry Kissinger. (He later told me that he was in a green room with Kissinger once, and avoided being introduced: "I have a policy about not shaking hands with war criminals.") "They tell us it's not another Vietnam, and then they wheel out Henry Kissinger to tell us about it! What, was Goebbels unavailable that day?" he says. "Göring wasn't around?" He goes on, "Unlike the U.S. government, I have never supported Saddam Hussein. Nor have I supported the Shah of Iran, Sharon, Suharto, Chiang Kai-shek, Cristiani, the Samozas, the Duvaliers, Marcos, Batista, Diem, Rios Montt, Pinochet, General Zia, the Sultan of Brunei, Assad, King Fahd, Franco, Savimbi, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, P. W. Botha, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, or George Bush!" The crowd roars; Crimmins, breathing heavily, looks like he's just getting started.

The film introduces Crimmins in a succession of old clips--dark-haired and hollow-eyed, with a frown-shaped Meathead mustache--railing against ignorance and injustice while drinking, smoking, and whipping himself into a profane frenzy. These are interspersed with recent clips of comedians--David Cross, Patton Oswalt, Stephen Wright, Marc Maron, Margaret Cho, and others--talking about him.

"He was a guy who you heard about before you saw him," Cross says.

"Barry Crimmins was this weird mythical force," Maron says. "A judgmental sage of some kind that I didn't quite get." Cho says, "I feel like people should claim him more, because I think he has much more of an influence than anybody realizes." Friends and peers describe him as looking like Ambrose Bierce, Charles Manson, Fidel Castro, "a cross between Noam Chomsky and Bluto." Maron says that Crimmins was "troubled," "fragile," and "volatile." We see him explode at audience members. "Fuck you, fuck your family!" he yells. The crowd at the Friars Club ate this up.

Crimmins, who now lives in the woods upstate, says in a recent scene that there are a couple of things he still wants to accomplish, to "put my little tile in the grand mosaic of life. And those two things are, of course, I'd like to overthrow the government of the United States. And I'd like to close the Catholic Church."

Throughout, you can feel Goldthwait having fun, and we're having fun too. After Crimmins declares his two goals, the movie's title is shown over shots of the Pope being heralded by the masses.

Crimmins grew up in Skaneateles, New York, which, he says, means "beautiful lake surrounded by fascists." He talks about a despised priest who looked like Dracula, treated him cruelly, and also gave him the "pedophile shoulder rub," which he fought off with an instinctive elbow jerk. His sister talks about his early comedic ability, his habit as a kid of talking to their mother like John Wayne.

In his twenties, Crimmins hosted an open-mic night in Skaneateles. Goldthwait and his high-school friend Tom Kenny, who were in their mid-teens, saw an ad for it in the newspaper, with a photo of Crimmins, intense and hirsute, with the nickname "Bear Cat" printed under it. They started calling themselves Bobcat and Tomcat in spoof-homage, and they performed in the show. Doing that show and "getting the validation of this guy Barry Crimmins--that did change the whole course of my life, I think," Kenny says. Kenny is the voice of Spongebob Squarepants.

In the early eighties, Crimmins moved to Boston and started a comedy show at a Chinese restaurant called the Ding Ho. He booked people like Paula Poundstone, Stephen Wright, Denis Leary, and Goldthwait, and he was both blunt and supportive. As the years went on, he became an activist of sorts, travelling to Nicaragua to perform political satire about the U.S. government and the Contras.

"I sometimes feel cheap that I'm just up onstage making people laugh," Jonathan Katz says. "And I think he has always felt that way as a comedian."

In the early nineties, Crimmins's behavior began to intensify. One night, at the comedy club Stitches, after a long and scathing speech about American culture and politics, "a clearly tortured Crimmins suddenly shifted topics," a newspaper report said. He said that he'd always identified with victims, and he'd recently begun to understand why. As a kid--a sweet, happy kid, by all accounts--he had been raped by a man who knew his babysitter. "This guy would come over, he would take me down in the basement, and rape me," Crimmins says. It was violent and it happened a number of times.

In the film, his fellow-comedians, many of whom Crimmins had been strikingly compassionate toward all along--talk about the shock and sympathy they felt after Crimmins's revelation, and how it shifted their perspective. Later, Crimmins moved to Cleveland, and in seeking support groups and fellow-survivors online, he inadvertently discovered that there were chat rooms for pedophiles on AOL--a great many of them, categorized extensively. In those days, the Internet was widely unregulated; when Crimmins tried to alert AOL he found the company to be unresponsive. Then he contacted the police. In 1995, Crimmins testified about child pornography in Congress, using his superior rhetorical skills against AOL's director of government affairs in front of an audience that included Strom Thurmond and Russ Feingold. The hearings led to heightened awareness and a zero-tolerance policy for pedophiles on AOL; the police district that Crimmins contacted has since made more than a thousand indictments related to Internet child porn.

These days, Crimmins regularly tweets at the Pope, asking to be excommunicated. The film reveals that his despised local priest had sexually abused many local boys; three of his victims, it says, have committed suicide. Crimmins wonders--if I'd been raped a few more times, or a few years later, would I have become an abuser myself? "Spiritually, I feel like I have this huge debt to pay," he says. He survived just about intact. That's why he's lucky. "I have some sort of a gift where I can convey things to people they don't generally want to hear about," he says.

Before the film ends, we get one final good blast of Crimmins's particular form of empathy. "You know who the biggest suckheads in the world are?" he asks an audience. "People who think they're clever by being like, 'Well, I happen to be politically incorrect!' And now you get to act like you're a cutting-edge rebel because you're reinforcing the oppressive status quo! You sack of fucking rancid horse assholes!" I've often felt this way, but I never knew quite how to put it.

Cross says, "He's a reminder that you have power."

Oswalt says, "We cannot surrender being the rude, funny, obnoxious truth tellers. We cannot surrender that. That's our best weapon."

"We have to take care of the innocents in this world," Crimmins says. "So tell the truth. Tell everyone the truth. Tell anyone the truth. People who can't be heard really depend on it."

When the movie ended, the huge doors opened, and Goldthwait returned, to a standing ovation. "Please, everybody, welcome my big brother, Barry Crimmins," he said. "And a brand new Friar!"

Compared with old footage of himself, the brand-new Friar looked healthier, calmer, grayer, kind, and a little haunted.

Goldthwait said, "It was terrifying to do a movie about someone you love. I don't know if it comes through, but he's not afraid to express displeasure."

During the Q. & A., people thanked both men, and asked thoughtful, respectful questions. Crimmins said that the current Pope--popular, populist Pope Francis--gives the Catholic Church a way to change the conversation without changing itself: he's a distraction from the church's history of abuse and its unwillingness to confront it. Then one question-asker, an older man with a bald head, stood up and asked the kind of left-field showstopper that everybody dreads. It involved "Moslems," "homos," and seventy-two virgins.

Goldthwait and Crimmins stared at him for a second.

"Well, you've hit on the real message of the film," Crimmins said. People laughed with relief, and Crimmins carefully laid out an articulate takedown of the man's world view, which ended in a satisfyingly lewd crescendo. Later, after answering other people's questions, Crimmins turned back to the man and apologized for mocking him. It was a moment of extraordinary grace.

Afterward, the audience members mingled in the bar. Goldthwait and Crimmins sat at a small corner table beneath a black-and-white group photo of Robin Williams, Chevy Chase, Quincy Jones, and Sammy Davis, Jr., and talked about their hopes for the film. Goldthwait said that he wanted to help "take the power away from the topic." People can't even use the word "rape," he said. That needed to change. If you can't talk about it, you can't deal with it. (Case in point: Bill Cosby.)

Crimmins said, "I would just like people to get in touch with themselves. And write the Pope."

"Hey, is that Tim Kazurinsky?" Goldthwait said. Across the bar, waiting to say hello, fresh from "An Act of God," on Broadway, was his old friend--Zed's pal Sweetchuck, from the "Police Academy" movies.

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'Louie' Taking a Break as Louis CK Creates New FX Comedy - ABC News

Louis C.K. is taking a break before doing a sixth season of his FX comedy, "Louie." But that doesn't mean he won't be busy.

FX CEO John Landgraf says the comedian needs an "extended hiatus" before returning to work on the critically acclaimed series.

"He's made 61 magnificent episodes of television, and we did an overall deal with him a couple of years ago and that has proven incredibly productive," Landgraf said Friday at the Television Critics Association's summer meeting.

The actor-comedian will continue to make shows for the network during his break.

He has co-created a new comedy, "Better Things," with frequent collaborator Pamela Adlon. He will also produce.

"Better Things" follows Adlon as a working actor with no filter who is trying to juggle her personal and professional lives.

Landgraf also said Louis C.K. has a third series in the works for FX but the details aren't ready to be revealed.



UPDATE: Name of woman killed in accident near Valley City released - WDAY

Tuesday. Names of the victims get not really been released.

The driver of a 1994 Chevrolet Silverado pulling the 2002 Hornet camper lost control while traveling eastbound in Interstate 94 near mile marker 290. The passenger, a new 49-year-old woman, had been transported through the Barnes County Ambulance to Mercy Hospital inside Valley Area where the girl had been handled as well as released.

Both occupants involving the car were wearing seat belts.

The accident remains beneath investigation through the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

. The Particular vehicle swerved in the eastbound lane then rolled.

The driver, the 61-year-old woman, has been pronounced dead in the scene. Highway Patrol says 61-year-old Cynthia Elhard regarding Gackle was killed within the one-vehicle accident and also 49-year-old Shonda Henry of Streeter had been handled with regard to injuries from Mercy Hospital in Valley Area as well as had been later on released. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Valley City, ND (WDAY TV) - one person had been killed and also another ended up being injured inside a one-vehicle accident close to Valley City, according towards the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

The accident occurred from regarding 11 a.m


This Week's Best New Music - Vulture

Not to cover the refrain sounds a fantastic deal like "She Got you High." In Order To end up being fair, the particular song also reminds me of summer-summer: It's breezy and contains an earnest cheesiness that is suitable just throughout now of year. --JDF

Tink, "H20"

In any a few months, Tink provides emerged because the perfect cautionary tale pertaining to business freshmen: she started off as among Chicago's many up-and-coming rappers, set apart by simply her gender -- girls that rap are somehow nevertheless an anomaly on this company -- and furthermore the fact that they could sing. --JDF

All Dogs, "Skin"

When we last observed Almost All Dogs, they will sounded defiant, essentially daring someone to break up with them about "That Kind involving Girl." "Skin" may always be the remorseful morning after. Science has a lot to be able to say concerning the healing energy of music, as well as I'd prescribe Gary Clark Jr. It's excellent to get anyone back, Danny. --Lauretta Charlton (@laurettaland)

Sales, "Big Sis"

As anybody that heard their own delightful EP knows, sales truly makes a couple of of the sweetest songs available right now. It's unfortunate music with regard to those who just like unfortunate music. --Jesse David Fox (@JesseDavidFox). --DL

Wavves, "Flamezesz"

About six many years ago, when Wavves has been little a lot much more than a late-era MP3 blog buzz band, your SoCal beach-punks' leader, Nathan Williams, drunkenly ashed out his cigarette on my small arm throughout a occupation interview inside an ice-cream truck. going through "And I understand that I am always fucking increase world" in the former to "I remind anyone regarding my mother." The Actual Ohio band sounds a fantastic deal like a landlocked best Coast here. Can't anyone imagine it soundtracking an animated short the place exactly where a large duck helps any lil' bb duck discover the approach to fly on the warm summer day? --JDF

Gary Clark Jr., "The Healing"

It's kind of incredible that as the universally recognized 2nd coming associated with B.B. the second single off Wavves' fifth album, out this October, can be two-and-a-half minutes of urgent, distorted pop-punk philosophy to live by: "So just stay far in the flames and thank God every day." --Jillian Mapes (@jumonsmapes)

EL VY, "Return towards the Moon (Political Song with regard to Didi Bloome to be able to Sing, Together With Crescendo)"

EL VY will be Brent Knopf from Menomena and the National's Matt Berninger, along with by the sounds associated with their first single this truly is exactly what Berninger needed. She's been playing among these new songs, "Figure 8," with the girl latest shows along with premiered it on Beats 1 yesterday. Thankfully, Tink has returned to always be able to the girl Winter's Diary series using the third installment -- yet yet another collection associated with sensual could-be hits. Here he injects the actual ethos in the blues with the really feel involving hip-hop -- in a type the actual Roots have got long championed -- that matches just suitable for his sound. Each week, members of the Vulture staff highlight the actual greatest new music associated with 2015. The Particular most recent track in the free of charge summer collection is a Clams Casino-assisted IV drip from Detroit misfit Danny Brown, who hasn't launched new songs since 2013's Old. Yet Haze may become the sort of rapper who'd rather use the girl pain for gas when compared with tears ("I just rose in the ashes again," the girl declares), and also it's the thing that makes your ex bars therefore consistently dangerous. --Dee Lockett (@Dee_Lockett)

Hippo Campus, "South"

This song reminds me associated with Summer, as within the titular character from (500) Times associated with Summer. Its peppiness, mixed with a particular kind of indie aesthetic, would allow it for you to be match very nicely about the movie's soundtrack. My fascination inside the band sort of tapered off there (sorry, I'm human) and also I haven't discovered a lot musical purpose to check back since then, until late last week, when "Flamezesz" emerged. He just lately premiered a couple of new tracks coming from that will forthcoming album, "The Healing" and also "Grinder." The Particular latter is precisely what tends in order to make Gary great: the particular distorted guitar, eardrum-rattling reverb, and a fucking explosive solo in the end. Their Particular new song, which had been part of the compilation put together from the Le Sigh, will be such a charming little tune. The Particular lyrics, well, aren't equally as peppy, however what are you likely to do? you could consider the man out of Ditmas Park, however, you can't take the Ditmas Park out with the man. --JDF

FKA Twigs, "Figure 8"

FKA Twigs had one of your best albums of 2014 along with LP1, but she'd already solidified the woman's place in indie stardom using a series of genre-destroying EPs, the actual third of which can easily be set regarding launch later on this year. This time, they're tossing in our favorite small rap prince Fetty Wap, who provides 2 stellar verses. Fetty Wap & Powers)"

The Knocks adore this song, also it shows -- they've remixed it twice before. It's why Timbaland quickly meddled in her career. That's with regards to in order to adjust using the release of The Storyline associated with Sonny Boy Slim subsequent month. for stopping the whole suffering. Nevertheless it's "The Healing" that makes him a lot much more than merely a one-trick pony. Canada's response to Parquet Courts, Ought twitchingly sits somewhere in between proto-punk along with post-punk, which is my way of declaring your guitars are usually percussive, angular, along with sort of most over your place. It's an intensely jarring piece of production, anchored through your ex operatic voice as she pays respect for the voguing mentors who've helped elevate the girl craft over days gone by year. she self-released among 2013's best debuts -- after a winless tug-of-war together with the woman's label -- however it isn't one thing reflected within the numbers. The Particular video's expected to drop soon -- so stay tuned in for but an additional visual masterpiece from Twigs. --DL

Do you prefer good music? Needless to say anyone do! Subscribe to Vulture's 2015 Playlist to listen to the brand new music we're listening to every week.

Ought, "Men regarding Miles"

Despite releasing the full-length as well as an EP final year, Ought will be releasing their own second record, Sun Coming Down, within September, as well as I for just one am very excited. There's new songs from Flying Lotus, Swervedriver, Dawn Richards, Peaches, and also more. (See Tink's great however completely unnecessary "One inside a Million" reworking.) She's since released the couple underwhelming singles that've had a few questioning your ex original hype. Within your video, you'll end up being able to even begin to determine the usually stoic lead singer grooving towards the song's Talking Heads-like beat. It's what makes your ex one of rap's the majority of fiery writers: The Girl begins "Impossible," the girl 1st new song in the few time, with a rapid-fire confessional touching in suicidal thoughts as well as her volatile nature, all before taking the girl 1st breath. That Will force doesn't permit up if the chorus hits, either; it punches harder. after she place out a new group of spellbinding mixtapes, he intervened with just about all the hopes involving replicating Aaliyah's career. In the event that the song will be worthy of your ears and also attention, you will discover it here. The Particular new collaboration will be a little much less funky, just a little more dreamy, and provides the hit through last August new life for a new summer. read our picks below, talk about yours in the comments, and also sign up for the Vulture 2015 Playlist for a new comprehensive manual towards the year's best music.

Angel Haze, "Impossible"

If there's 1 rapper who does not really get sufficient shine, it's Angel Haze. Right After more than the decade of getting the real mope's mope, Berninger sounds blissful about the band's 1st bouncy single. (It marketed fewer when compared with 1,000 duplicates its 1st week.) but Haze offers expended a lifetime enduring uphill battles. --Eric King (@erickingdavid)

Danny Brown, "Worth It"

If have not familiarized yourself using this year's Adult Swim Singles, wake up. "Men with regard to Miles," just like many regarding Ought's very best songs, builds to a beautifully spastic crescendo. Envision hearing wind chimes gently swaying in the breeze, then put aggressive rap lyrics over it along with filter that through the vintage pc program. There's not merely one skippable monitor on this tape, nevertheless I specifically can't stop playing "H20," a love song thus lush as well as mildly Frank Ocean-influenced it practically tends in order to make me forget how long he's stored us waiting. --DL

The Knocks, "Classic (feat. However it isn't just which she's any double threat; she's a callback for the sort of artist beloved by each critics and the radio in the '90s. King, the actual bulk of Gary Clark Jr.'s praise was won off any single album, his 2012 debut. That's what this song reminds me of. He even busts out a new sweet falsetto


Border Patrol trains dogs at Virginia battlefield site - Washington Post

At the end with the trail, the actual instructor insures himself in a camouflage blanket.

A handler then leashes the particular dog. Border Patrol holds monitoring along with trailing classes twice a year, on average. Spoonamore said not everybody passes the actual monitoring and trailing training, nevertheless most of the students with Kernstown Battlefield did.

The students, who are from almost all over the U.S., have been residing at nearby hotels along with motels making use of their dogs.

The U.S. This kind of material might not really be published, broadcast, rewritten or even redistributed.

. In Order To add for their skillset, that they are increasingly being trained to follow and also trail people.

The method involving monitoring and trailing being shown in the battlefield includes having an instructor scuffle his feet -- not one involving the instructors or even handlers were ladies -- for that first few yards of the trail and then consider larger steps. Border Patrol had been looking for large tracts regarding land to create use of regarding training purposes.

Since the actual Battlefield Association -- the nonprofit organization that owns and also operates the Kernstown Battlefield around the Pritchard-Grim Farm and it is dedicated to interpreting the particular Civil War web site -- just runs using weekends coming from Might via October, Golden said the particular Border Patrol wouldn't interfere with any one of the association's operations.

So, the team allowed the particular Border Patrol to use its property in zero cost.

Spoonamore said it's tough to find coaching terrain having a selection involving landscapes, such as grass, hills, plains and also woods -- that produced the Kernstown Battlefield's different landscape ideal.

The U.S. all legal rights reserved. Customs and Border Protection's Canine Enforcement Plan has a 300-acre Canine Middle inside Front Royal and something inside El Paso, Texas.

The Front Royal coaching facility is actually mostly wooded, even although the El Paso facility is flat desert.

There are generally approximately 1,500 canine handlers in the nation working in Border Patrol along with customs, along with lower than 5 percent of these do monitoring and trailing, according to Spoonamore.

"Less compared to one percent with the total canine population are capable involving doing what these dogs do," Spoonamore said, while watching an instructor train a new canine handler in the Kernstown Battlefield.

KERNSTOWN, Va. "Although, a dog having a dominant personality could be paired using a individual which has a new dominant character and also athletic dogs will possibly be paired with additional athletic individuals."

Handlers and also trainers had been graded throughout the program around the field along with in the classroom. Narcotics courses are usually held once each along with every 2 weeks.


Information from: The Particular Winchester Star,

Copyright 2015 The Particular Connected Press. tracking as well as trailing dogs not just feeling skin cells, but could detect various other odors the individual might have, like from shampoo or deodorant.

German shepherds tend to be slower and significantly more methodical, Spoonamore said, as well as Belgian Malinois tend to be typically faster.

"There's actually no science behind pairing your canine along with handler," Spoonamore said. -- The Actual Kernstown Battlefield web site offers served as more than a new tourist attraction this summer.

Since early June, the U.S. "They're not really designed to be social -- they're taught to work."

Sue Golden, volunteer chairwoman for that Kernstown Battlefield Association, said she saw any Facebook publish earlier this coming year that will indicated your U.S. Since most are purchased through German as well as Belgian vendors, the dogs consider commands throughout those countries' respective languages as well as dialects.

Humans get 40,000 skins cells which expel from their own health every minute, he said. "They have the all-natural tracking drive to set their nose for the ground."

Most of the dogs within the Border Patrol tend to be German shepherds and also Belgian Malinois. Border Patrol continues to be making use of significantly with the protected 315 acres upon weekdays to train dogs to follow as well as trail unauthorized immigrants.

The Border Patrol will be finishing coaching this week and a private graduation ceremony will be held pertaining to nine canine handlers and also 4 instructors in Front Royal in Friday.

All 14 dogs in which are now being coached in the battlefield previously have been trained inside obtaining narcotics, according to Gary Spoonamore, any canine instructor and supervisory Border Patrol agent. In case the actual animal can be productive throughout locating the man below the actual blanket, your dog emerges a toy, such as getting a rope or possibly a little bit of wood.

"The dogs will proceed through anything to obtain the toy," Spoonamore mentioned inside a recent interview at the battlefield site


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